Saturday, August 30, 2008

DNC in Denver -- Day Three

Wednesday, 2008_0826

So much sunshine and such friendly people!

There are locations throughout the city where you can pick up a free bike, ride it all day, and return it to any of the bike locations. It is a project sponsored by the Humana Corporation.

Sarah and I got outfitted and set out to see the South Platte River. The first leg of the trip was a white knuckle one for me. I was riding an "automatic shift" bike with pedal brakes and had trouble getting the hang of it. If you remember the guy on the "Laugh In" television show who would come to a sudden stop and fall over you get the picture. Since I'm riding along side cars and buses, this was a problem. I traded for one that was more compatible at the next bike corral. We checked out the river and headed back to attend the afternoon convention session.

This was Hillary's day at the podium and everyone wanted to be on the floor. When things get this crowded, the delegation "manager" tends to get hostile when people won't listen to his direction. It's no help when the "big shots" wait until the last minute to arrive and expect to be accommodated. Sarah got a seat thanks to the kindness of a couple of delegates who had befriended her the previous day. She managed to snap some celebrities and stage scenes that give you an idea of the experience of being in the hall that night.

The sentiment on the bus home was that Hillary had clearly communicated to her supporters the importance of uniting behind Obama.

Photos will be posted on Picasa.

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