Monday, July 05, 2010

Ice Cream Fuels Drive to NYC!

My brother Drew and his daughter, Sarah, joined me for a road trip to New York City to celebrate Sarah's graduation from The Ohio State University. I plan to post notes and accompanying photos for each day of our trip.

Day One was our travel day to NYC from Drew's house in Painesville, OH. Our route took us through Pennsylvania, NY State, Delaware, and New Jersey. We made great time with our only stops being for gasoline and that other vital trip fuel -- ice cream. Sarah did the driving which made it a real vacation for me and Drew.

Our introduction to the pitfalls of NYC traffic was being stuck in extended gridlock on the approach to the George Washington Bridge. The folks in the car next to us struck up a conversation and they and my outgoing brother and niece had made new friends by the time the traffic started to flow.

We paid the $7 toll and finally made it to the hotel around midnight. Upon check-in we were reminded of a lesson learned many times -- never believe what the front desk or the web site tells you about the quality of the room you've reserved. Our large upper floor room with a view of the Hudson River is actually a lower level room with a view of a couple of window air conditioners in the rooms across a narrow alley. Compare the photo of our room with the photo of the room posted on the hotel's web site for a real contrast!

No matter -- we came to roam the City and find adventure. The room will be fine for sleeping.

Day Two -- sightseeing in midtown Manhattan.

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