Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Search for Snowless Territory -- A Special Report

Dateline: Columbus, Ohio.

Your intrepid reporter left the central Ohio area this date, February 26, in search of a portion of earth devoid of snow. She was accompanied by her well-loved traveling companion and niece, Sarah Christine.

The two of us spent a considerable time confined to an extremely small area at the very back of a long tube filled with hundreds of people but, buoyed by earlier reports from residents at our destination, we were confident our journey would be worth the discomfort.

Lo and behold, we emerged from the narrow tube into sunshine and warmth and not a snowflake in sight! We were in FLORIDA! Fort Myers, to be more specific.

Eighty-one degrees, sunshine, the Gulf of Mexico and beaches. Our search had succeeded!

Next stop -- Fort Myers beach at sunset.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment when the identity of our on location sources will be revealed!

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