Monday, February 22, 2016

Simpsonville, South Carolina

It was a long day of driving and it wasn't until after dark that we arrived and Bob and Betty's house. Betty had an excellent dinner ready for us and we enjoyed our meal and catching up on the details of their move to this house that is new for them.

Bob, Bill's older brother, is a master of many trades, building construction among them. Two of his recent projects are a workshop building and a sun room. The sun room was a screened in porch. You'd never know from the finished look of the new room. The workshop is a solid, spacious building that is so well built it could be used as living quarters. There's even a garden shed on the back side of the building. Bob builds to spec and then some!

The morning brought another great meal and then we were back on the road, headed for a stop in St. Augustine.

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