Sunday, March 06, 2016

A Walk in Key West

With my visit to the Key 40 years ago a dim memory, I looked forward to another visit -- time to get re-acquainted. A cool and windy day, but no cruise ships docked so few crowds expected.

The City is so dense with sights and shops and neighborhoods to stroll, the day was over before we even put a dent in our list of places we HAD to visit. That's OK, it means we'll have to go back another day.

First stop was Sloppy Joe's. It was the middle of "Put-in-Bay Days" at the bar which was a happy coincidence for Brother Bob as he lived on Middle Bass Island in Ohio for a time and is well acquainted with Put-in Bay. Bob Gatewood provided live entertainment and we stayed for his set. Nice way to start the day.

Bob and Betty

Bob Gatewood -- A flash from Put-in-Bay all the way south in the Florida Keys.

Great lobster rolls. Very small place with a very big reputation for the best lobster roll in Key West. It was the only one I had so I can't vouch for that but can say it was excellent. Eat at small counter inside or small picnic table outside - family style. That means you sit with people you've never seen before and are unlikely to see again.

I'm betting the stickers are pretty much what is holding this truck together.

Lots of roosters walking around Key West. Some real beauties. This one was scavanging at the lobster roll place.
Another Key West icon, the mermaid. It may actually be a Keys icon as they are ubiquitous.

Now you know why the square is named Mallory.

Mallory Square on a cool and windy day. We didn't stay for the sunset celebration because of the weather. Well, being ready to get off our feet could have been part of the reason. : - )

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