Wednesday, January 18, 2017

On the Water -- Finally

We caught a good day! First one without winds too high to allow boating. Billy's sailing kayak went in yesterday and today we took out the tandem kayak.

Tomorrow, if the weather holds, he'll be going out fishing with the neighbors on the "big boat." In the meantime, he's been getting his gear ready, building a bait trap, and doing some fishing from the dock.

Me, I'm being a slacker and I love it. Not enough time in the day to take pictures, paint, read, cook, eat, eat some more, and oh, yeah, have some snacks. . . and of course, get in some exercise like walking or bike riding.

I've taken up John Cipriani's slogan -- don't pinch me because I don't want to wake up!

Here's the sailing kayak. Next time I'll get a picture with the captain at the helm.

Rather than spend money on a "store bought" trap for bait fish, Billy made his own. If he'd had a mentor, he would definitely have been and Eagle Scout.

Here's the "first fish" worth keeping -- he got it fishing from the seawall behind the house. It is a blue striped grunt. Very good eating.

As noted, reading is a primary activity for me and I found the perfect outdoor place to do it -- a seat hammock partially hidden by some palms. The neighbor's house, to which it is close, are seldom here so it is a nice hide out for now.

Check out these iguanas sunning themselves on the seawalls.

Views from kayak while paddling the canals. The second one is approaching the house in which we are staying. You can see what a major boat they have hanging in the davit.

Until next post, all the best to everyone.

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