Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Seafood the Easy Way

The fishing trip Billy was scheduled to take with the neighbors got cancelled so we decided to find a seafood market that did its own fishing or bought off the boats of local fishermen. We knew we had gotten great shrimp at a place north of Marathon so off we went. We took advantage of the great special they had posted on the cooler. : - )

We had shrimp broiled with garlic, olive oil, and pepper. Outstanding. The fresh seafood here is the best -- one of my favorite parts of these trips. Next trip we'll get the lobster claws. And, we hope to catch some fish ourselves. Maybe tomorrow we'll go out on the head boat up in Marathon.

Our neighbors are a very social group and gather at the home of one of them about every night. From what we've been told, the house we are renting is the usual gathering place so I guess we've put a spanner in the works. Bill has made one visit and declined another the following night. Me, I'm keeping my head down. Socializing with people I don't know is at the bottom of my list -- too nerve racking.

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