Monday, January 09, 2017

Social Nexus of the Neighborhood.

Sound like us? NOT. Yet, that is how this house is viewed by the surrounding neighbors.

The rental agent, Jim, texted that the owner, Ray, was coming down and how about we "open the bar" for a party so we could meet him and the neighbors who all looked forward to gathering at their neighborhood watering hole. OK, we said, let us know when and what we need to get ready, thinking food, libations, whatever. Oh, nothing, he said. Just go about your day and it will all be taken of, you'll see, it will be real "Keys welcome."

People started showing up around 5:00. Jim just opened up the back door, came in, and announced people were here. The bar was already stocked with liquor and the guy next door makes a potent lemoncello with a grain alcohol base and he brought that. We ended up using the beer Billy bought for his canceled fishing trip and his box of wine to supplement.

Very nice people, all wise enough to stay away from political conversations if they sussed out you were on the opposite side of the spectrum from them. All the folks are used to coming and going among each others houses. I mentioned we pretty much keep to ourselves and was told oh, its different down here, you'll see.

As people took their leave, they assured us of frequent future gatherings around the neighborhood bar and impromptu visits. Oh boy...

Tough evening for a person who prefers a few people at a time and no surprise visits. I sure do miss my alcohol, although one guy told me I was all right for some one who didn't drink.

Here are some of the crew.


The weather changed over the weekend and it got cooler and very windy so still no fishing so we've continued to check out the area. We need a place to play frisbee with Elvis without risking traffic and were glad to find a road that dead ends into the Gulf and provides a view of the blimp, Fat Albert. He was grounded the day we were there due to the high winds but is usually high in the sky collecting data.

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