Saturday, August 30, 2008

DNC in Denver -- Finale

August 28, 2008

This is the big day. Lots of excitement in the air as folks anticipate being a part of a unique moment in history.

Breakfast was a memorial tribute to the deceased Stephanie Tubbs Jones. Her positive presence and energy was noticeably absent from this this weeks gatherings. Lots of speculation about who will be selected to fill the seat she held. Names include Peter Lawson Jones, CJ Prentiss and Reverend Dr. Marvin McMickle. Whoever it is, that person is assured of successive terms barring the always possible scandal.

We went early to Invesco Field, aka Mile High Stadium, having been warned of long lines and a large public attendance. Things went smoothly although the wait was considerably longer than at the Pepsi Center.

Once inside, it was huge. The delegate section was just a small area in front of the stage on the floor of the stadium. Sarah went to the non-delegate section and I checked out the Ohio delegations seats. Wow -- primo! Right there with Illinois, front and center. I was tempted to stay on the floor rather than switch with Sarah. Then, I figured I'm 61 and she's 21 and the story of this night's events need to be passed along for as many years possible. It may be history but even more so it is the future and it belongs especially to the young.

So, off I went to trade my credential for her guest pass, taking a bunch of pictures along the way. My favorite celebrity sighting was Gwen Ifill from PBS (The News Hour and Washington Week) -- I told her she did great work.

Once up in the stands, the long wait I had anticipated went by quickly. A highlight for me was the appearance of the individual voters who shared their story of how they came to support Obama. The finale was Obama's speech and he gave an excellent one both in terms of content and delivery.

The trip home took many hours as there were no transportation captains to manage the exit of some 80,000 people but good spirits, actually near euphoria, prevailed.

With the recess of the convention, my term as a member of the DNC ended and with it my life in official party politics. It was a great run, beginning with my first convention in New York City in 1976.

If you are reading this, thank you for coming along for my last ride.

Tomorrow, Sarah and I are off to Boulder where we can set our own schedule and check out those mountains up close.

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