Thursday, March 03, 2016

Out and About in Marathon

The annual Pigeon Key Arts Festival was held the first weekend we were here. Bob, Jr., Sue and I made a visit. At one of the booths I met a woman who knew Billy's family from the days of the Rocky River Flower Shop when she lived across the street. Gregarious Bob had an extended conversation with her. Meantime, I found things to buy, despite my resolve not to do that!

The artist Wyland was there and I was surprised at how young he still looked. He is known for his large murals, many painted on the sides of buildings, depicting marine life. I remember seeing him in Hawaii over twenty years ago and, apart from more tattoos, he hasn't changed much since then. Learn more at

Next it was off to get some fresh seafood -- there's no dearth of fish markets in Marathon!

Snow crab claws -- harvested by pulling off the one large claw and returning the crab to the ocean where it will regenerate the claw.
Don't know why Bob insisted on being the mermaid?!

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